About me:

I am a 19 year member of the Oklahoma Army National Guard, having served in three of the 6 battalions of the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

I have, thus far, attained the rank of Sergeant First Class and am presently assigned against my MOS as a JNN Platoon Sergeant.  I am a 25U, so despite not being qualified, yet, for the 25W position, I’m well positioned as a Signal generalist.

I have deployed three times, all three to Afghanistan and each has been a unique experience.

In my civilian life, I am a husband, the fur-father of two dogs and three cats and a Systems Administrator for Dell Services.

I live in the North Dallas area, and am rapidly approaching a point where will have been in Texas about the same amount of time I have lived, each, in Tulsa, OK and OKC, OK.

Maggie (my wife) and I moved to Texas in April 2001 and the events of the next September were the reasons I didn’t make the transfer to the Texas National Guard–if I were to deploy (and I did two years later) I wanted to go with the people I already knew.

I started Signaleer toward the end of that first deployment in 2004.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. And you are a great Soldier who helps at every turn mentoring and leading those who will thake the Army into the future.

  2. SFC White,

    I am proud to say I was there when you started this blog. Whenever I miss the men I commanded and served with, I check your blog. You are an outstanding soldier. That is why the Old Fart and I requested you for the first Afghanistan deployment. I can tell you are the same Sparky you were back then (for those of you who were not there, you have not earned the right to call him Sparky). Keep it up. You are in a position to train the future signal leaders of the 45th.

    Semper Anticus,
    MAJ (ret) Scott

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