Thank You, President Obama

Seems that my house has come out ahead, netwise, in the Fiscal Cliff game.  Despite the rise in our taxes, my take home pay is about $20 more than it was before!

Have to credit Obamacare for that.  Fortunately, President Obama lied to me when he said that if I had an insurance plan that I liked I could keep it.  If I had kept it, my paycheck would be less. 

Seems that my employer used to offer plans A, B, and C (hey, you don’t need the details), which are of declining cost, and therefore of declining coverage.  I used to have plan A.

But, the President lied.  His “healthcare” (it’s not about healthcare folks, it’s about health insurance) reforms placed a fine on plan A because it was too good.  The fine is structured such that my employer would have to pay it for offering it, and I’d have to pay if for choosing it.  So plan A is now off the table.

So I did what the House GOP did.  I rejected Plan B.  Turns out that the much lower cost of plan C, is also low enough to offset the increase in my taxes.


So for the moment, I’m winning the paycheck shell game.  We’ll just have to see what the next moves are to distract me from the pea.  The pea is a lot smaller now.


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