Leadership: Honor Killings In Uniform


Afghan military leaders are alarmed at the increase in Attacks by “friendly” Afghans against foreign troops and they are determined to do something about it. In the last five years there have been 43 of these attacks, leaving 79 NATO personnel dead. Most of the killings have occurred in the last two years. This violence makes it more difficult for Afghan troops to receive advice, training, or services (intelligence, medical, logistic) from the foreigners. Worse yet, the foreign troops are more wary when among their Afghan allies, creating the risk that there will be friendly fire going in the other direction, as NATO troops open fire at threats they formerly dismissed. So the Afghan military is going to screen troops, and new recruits, more thoroughly. Officers and NCOs are now supposed to report troops they believe may be unstable or working with the enemy. All this may not be enough.

This is largely because the main problem with Afghan soldiers is that many have serious anger management issues and the size of the Afghan security forces have expanded enormously in the last few years. Afghan commanders believe that more careful screening will eliminate the less stable troops, as well as traitors. There is a lot of doubt, although foreign troops are now well aware that they must be careful about getting into an argument with an armed Afghan.

Leadership: Honor Killings In Uniform


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