Counter-Terrorism: Pakistan Backs War Against NATO


On January 1st, the Pakistani Taliban agreed to halt all terror attacks inside Pakistan. In return, the Pakistani military will not interfere with Taliban movements, as long as these movements are part of supporting Taliban attacks against NATO forces in Afghanistan. The Pakistani Taliban will deploy their forces into Afghanistan under the leadership of Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar. This deal is supposed to include the autonomous Haqqani Network, which often links up with the Taliban, but considers itself a separate operation.

The Pakistani Taliban also promised to force smaller terror groups to cease attacks inside Pakistan. This is supposed to include kidnapping, theft, and sundry crimes committed in the name of God. Some Islamic terror activity is actually gangsters committing crimes under the guise of Islamic radicalism. Some of this stuff will continue but the Pakistanis expect the suicide bombings, assassinations, and attacks on troops and police to cease.

This odd turn of events is the result of years of American pressure on the Pakistani government to get the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies to stop supporting and protecting Islamic terror groups. Pakistan has been doing this since the 1970s and created the Taliban in the early 1990s. Even though many of the Islamic terrorists have declared war on Pakistan in the last decade (because Pakistan sided with the United States after September 11, 2001), the Pakistani military still sees their terrorist allies as an asset. The Pakistani government is less enthusiastic about this but admits, to the West, that the Pakistani military is autonomous in many ways.

Counter-Terrorism: Pakistan Backs War Against NATO


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