Support: German NTC Moves To Russia


Russia is joining Germany, China, Israel and many other major military powers by building an instrumented combat training range for its ground forces. Russia has hired the German firm (Rheinmetall) that built the German training range three years ago, to basically build a very similar one in Russia. 

This is all based on a breakthrough training system developed by the U.S. Army in 1982. This is the National Training Center (NTC), a 147,000 hectare (359,000 acre) facility in the Mohave desert at Ft Irwin, California. There, the United States Army revolutionized the training of ground combat troops in the 1980s with the development of MILES (laser tag) equipment for infantry and armored vehicles, and the use of MILES in a large, “wired” (to record all activities) combat training area. Other countries soon realized the importance of these innovations and a few built their own NTC clones. NTC type training centers are usually built to enable a combat brigade to go through several weeks of very realistic combat exercises.

Support: German NTC Moves To Russia


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