Getting Our Veterans Back to Work

Actually, let's forget for a moment that this is all targeted to Veterans.  We can come back to that.

The Department of Labor recently reported that there were 3.2 million American jobs available and companies were looking for a few good men and women to fill them. Yet, despite unemployment hovering over 9 percent, and with nearly 1 million veterans out of work, many of these jobs have remained open because employers can’t find qualified workers.

We have seen this trend increasing in recent months, especially in the manufacturing industry where it is estimated that more than 600,000 jobs are unfilled. According to the Wall Street Journal, this has had a severe impact on the energy, transportation, and labor industries and has created what the author called "a ripple effect" throughout the rest of the business world by straining the positions that are currently filled.

What is the biggest problem cited by employers in not being able to fill these positions?  The answer is, plain and simple, skills.  While college degrees are important and substantially increase chances for employment, the key is providing unemployed veterans in the middle of their working careers access to these unfilled jobs by learning specialized trades at vocational schools and community colleges. The power of American industry is still in high demand, therefore, we must apply our resources to help those where resources will provide the greatest return on the investment.

The problem is the emphasis placed on college today.  Not everyone is naturally equipped to handle college, or rather what college is supposed to be, what it once was before it was watered down to allow  higher volumes of the less equipped to get those all-important diplomas, oh and pay tuition.  Did I say "pay tuition"?  I meant, take out loans to pay tuitions that would be too high if they were for a quality product, ensuring that the borrowers become part of the new slave class to the lenders–all providing the opportunity for government to swoop in to save the day by guaranteeing tuitions and offering loans and financing of their own which allows the colleges to raise rates for declining quality.

The veterans issue is as simple to explain.  By continuing to heap special benefits on us, eventually the general public will not see us as dedicated servants, but just as one more special interest with out hands out–a role we are starting to embrace.  That a corps of highly trained combat veterans, who might cause trouble otherwise, is also made beholden to the glorious state, is just a bonus.

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