Sharper Night Vision

Two years after U.S. Army troops began receiving the first new helmet mounted ENVGs (Enhanced Night Vision Goggle), another major improvement has shown up; SENVG (Spiral Enhanced Night Vision Goggles). The main improvement with SENVG is a much sharper, true-color image. Troops who tested them did not want to give them up. But fewer than a thousand SENVG are on order so far. Demand is expected to skyrocket once more troops in Afghanistan get these devices.

The ENVGs were so successful that the army ordered 50,000, so that all troops in a combat zone can have them. The ENVG were particularly useful spotting for hidden (in the brush) enemy gunmen at night. Troops equipped with ENVG have a 50 percent probability of spotting these hidden hostiles at 300 meters and an 80 percent probability at 150 meters. This made it much more difficult for enemy fighters to ambush American troops at night. Since the enemy rarely has night vision gear, they have to rely on sound and fleeting glimpses of the approaching Americans. That means the U.S. troops have to be less than 50 meters away before the enemy can open fire. The ENVG thus provides a crucial edge at night. This has been great for American morale, not so good for the Taliban. The SENVG goggles simply increase the American edge.


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