Colombia: The Dark Lord Takes Over


The death of the FARC leader on the 4th did not cause much disruption within the leftist organization. And a new leader was quickly selected, without much internal strife. The recently killed leader, Alfonso Cano, was one of the last of the real communists in the senior FARC leadership. The new leader, only the third one FARC has had in its 47 year history, is Rodrigo Londoño. Despite being only a few years younger than his predecessor, he is more from the new generation of FARC bosses, who are more concerned with the cocaine business and gangster activities in general. Cano was trying to bring back education in communist ideology and make FARC more of a political movement. But over the last two decades, FARC has evolved into a gangster operation, more concerned with making money from cocaine, kidnapping, robbery and extortion. Many of the remaining FARC members know nothing else. Seeing this, Cano was pushing for peace talks with the government, to get some kind of deal before FARC became hopelessly trapped on the dark side. But the new FARC leader is very much from the gangster side of the organization, and wants to increase the use of terror tactics to keep people in line and the security forces away.

Colombia: The Dark Lord Takes Over


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