Dealing Direct

The Taliban and Haqqani are carrying out fewer, but more high profile, terror attacks. This is a sign of desperation, depending on favorable media attention to scare away the foreign troops. In fact, the Taliban and other Islamic terror groups (especially the Haqqani Network) have been hit hard in the last year, and their overall terror activity is down. Most of this has been because of aggressive operations by foreign troops. As a practical matter, the foreign troops are powerful enough to go anywhere, and there are plenty of areas in the south that are controlled by the Taliban or pro-Taliban tribes that can only be entered by force (or show of force). While the foreign troops can raid into these areas freely, you do not see the area liberated from terrorist control until the cell phone service providers are free to turn the cell towers on at night (when the Taliban like to have them turned off, so neighbors cannot let the police or foreign troops know where the terrorists are spending the night.) These raids do a lot of damage to the leadership of terror groups. This can be fatal for the terror organizations, because in Afghanistan, organized armed groups are more dependent on a few leaders, than a larger organization, for their continued existence. What these operations have made clear is that the key is getting the most senior leaders. For the Haqqani Network (most active in eastern Afghanistan), the senior people, who can keep recruiting more mid and lower level leaders, have sanctuary in Pakistan (North Waziristan). The Taliban leadership hide in Quetta (the capital of Baluchistan) south of the Afghan province of Helmand (which is the source of most opium and heroin production in the country, and the world). Nations with troops in Afghanistan have now recognized the importance of the drug trade (in financing terrorists and all manner of bad behavior).


One thought on “Dealing Direct”

  1. God bless you sir. Nice to see an interesting and encouraging read on a seemingly random blog by a man of courage and honor. godspeed noble citizen of the U.S. of A.

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