Unfit For Duty

The U.S. Army has been ordered to reduce its strength over seven percent. This is bad news for a lot of good soldiers who have been diagnosed with physical or mental stress problems. That's because there's a growing shortage of troops fit for combat zone duty. Currently, 15 percent of the troops cannot be sent overseas because they have medical problems that render them incapable of handling the stress of a combat zone. Until last year, this was much less of a problem, because the army could keep people in service up to twelve more months. This "stop loss" rule enabled units to go overseas with all the troops it needed to get the job done. But now, with stop loss gone and a growing number of combat troops unfit for deployment, the army is having a hard time manning combat units fit for overseas duty. One solution will probably be to medically retire many of those unfit to deploy, and recruit new troops who are more fit. The reduction in strength makes this easier to do.

New recruits present another problem. Bad diet and lack of exercise has become a major problem with American children over the last two decades. Thus the army is getting recruits who are chubbier and less fit (low bone density and iron levels) than ever before. This results in more injuries during training, and while in combat. These troops are more prone to suffer physical injuries that will make them unfit for overseas service.



One thought on “Unfit For Duty”

  1. Sparky,MAJ Scott here. It has been a long time since I have spoken with you. I follow your posts. I have to respond to this one. Quite a few of the troops that are marked with the "mental" branding iron have many symptoms that the Army or VA cannot diagnose. As you know, they branded me with the PTSD crap. They cannot explain the massive rashes, muscle spasms you can literally watch go through my body, and many other symptoms. Do not get me wrong. There is a huge issue with PTSD and other mental problems. Based on my personal experience and what I have seen with others, the Army and VA are dumping anyone they cannot quickly diagnose with PTSD. This is an injustice to those who are dumped, those actually suffering from PTSD, and the military units in which the served. Until the military takes proper care of the wounded properly, this problem is only going to get worse.

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