Why Islamic Radicals Love Facebook

As smart phones, or cell phones that provide some access to the Internet, appear in less affluent nations, more people are using Twitter, blogs, FaceBook and other social media. This has proved a big boost for Islamic radicals and terrorists. This is because Islamic radicals preach a doctrine of violent defense of Islam, and the belief that infidels (non-Moslems) are actively waging war against Islam. This seems odd to Westerners, because most of the terrorist attacks, and religious based violence has been coming from Islamic radicals. No matter, the belief that "Islam is under attack" is widely accepted in the Islamic world. Because of that, any rumor that a specific attack has been made on Moslems is readily believed. Thus Twitter is the ideal tool for quickly organizing an attack on non-Moslems (or Moslems of some minority sect that is considered heretical). Such attacks often result in the victims fighting back, and this provides all the justification the Islamic radicals need for the initial attack. Yeah, that sounds ridiculous to Western ears, but it works all the time in Moslem countries with non-Moslem minorities. All this Twitter inspired violence helps the Islamic radicals recruit more Islamic terrorists.



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