Redistribution of Poverty

A question:  Name any one time, place, time or event, wherein the lives and conditions of poor people were materially improved by the redistribution of wealth form rich to poor?

A conjecture:  Perhaps the answer to poverty has been, and remains, the attempt, that has nowhere been so successful or pervasive as in the United States, where as an Afghan boy pointed out to me on my last deployment, even the poor people are fat, to raise the standards and condition of all people. 

An observation:  Certainly there will always be those who live at the bottom of the distribution curve and many through no fault of their own.  It is on the treatment such people receive from the better-off that those who have more will be judged one day, unless that treatment becomes mandatory, in which case its not laudable, not noble–it just…is, and no basis for determining the virtue of the "donor."  Voluntary giving is virtue.  Mandatory giving is theft, however well-intentioned.


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