45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Unit Helping Clearing Sangar Valley of Insurgents and Bomb Making Materials

Not mentioned in the article but the 45th BSTB, despite not being a traditional maneuver element, was a big part of this:

More than 600 soldiers, including several Oklahoma National Guard troops, recently made another big push to secure the Laghman Province’s Sangar Valley.  The troops were tasked with locating insurgents, weapons caches, and material used to make homemade explosives.

The successful joint operation included soldiers from 1st Brigade, 201st Corp, Afghan National Army (ANA) and the Oklahoma National Guard’s 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team.

 While U.S. and Afghan forces faced some resistance in the mountains surrounding the Sangar Valley, no friendly forces were injured during the engagements with the enemy.  

Part of the mission was to demonstrate to the Afghan population the viability of the Afghan National Army.

  “We are trying to disrupt insurgent activities in the Sangar Valley,” said Capt. Morgan Ashworth, commander of Company C., 1st Battalion, 179 Infantry, a 45th IBCT unit, based in Edmond, Okla. “The ANA is increasing their interaction with the people, showing the people that their forces can protect them and they know how to conduct large scale operations like these against their enemies.”  To help secure the confidence of villagers in the valley, an Afghan led patrol base was set up nearby to provide a quicker response to insurgent activity.



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