Explosive Career Opportunities In Afghanistan

Many victories in Afghanistan go unreported. Good news isn't considered news, unless you are among those few people who benefitted. Hundreds of American troops avoided death or injury in the last year because of better tools and techniques for dealing with roadside bombs and mines.

In Afghanistan, during June, July and August a record number of IEDs (improvised explosive devices, usually roadside bombs) were used by the drug gangs, the Taliban and other Islamic terrorists against U.S. troops. These caused 1,297 casualties (4.9 percent of them fatal). It took 5,088 IEDs to cause those casualties, which means it took 76 IEDs to kill one U.S. soldier or marine, or 3.9 IEDs to cause one casualty. Last year it took three IEDs to cause one casualty, and about 30 IEDs to kill one foreign soldier. As happened in Iraq, the IED campaign is being defeated.

The high number of IEDs encountered is due to the fact for over a year, the foreign troops have been on the offensive, and more exposed to IED attacks in areas where there has not been time to clear out the IEDs. This is especially true with land mines, which are easier to plant and more difficult to avoid. The mines end up causing more civilian casualties as well, because the Taliban often don't remove the ones that did not go off, or mark the areas where they are.



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