Sounds To Die For

Sometimes Information Warfare must use bombs and bullets, as well as words. An example of this can be seen in South Korea, where the government prepares to resume using huge propaganda loudspeakers along the 253 kilometer DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone). The five kilometer wide DMZ that separates the two countries has long been the scene of exotic propaganda efforts. For many years, South Korea had large loudspeakers on their side of the DMZ. But in a peace gesture in 2004, the speakers were shut down and removed. The peace gesture didn’t work, so last year, the speakers were reinstalled at 14 locations along the DMZ. At that point, North Korea threatened to open fire if the speakers were used again. At night, the speakers can be heard some 20 kilometers into North Korea. The speakers deliver a combination of music and news. It's the news that bothers North Korea, especially accurate reporting about what is going on inside North Korea.


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