Peace As A Weapon

The PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) run by Fatah (the Palestinian group that controls the West Bank) has agreed to resume negotiations with Israel. According to Fatah's Arab language media, these negotiations are all a sham, just a tactic to weaken Israel enough so that Palestinians can destroy the Jewish state and drive all Jews from the Middle East. Then Fatah can deal with Hamas and reunite all Palestinians in a "Greater Palestine" (Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.) Most Palestinian maps show this area as Palestine. No mention is made of Israel, except in cases where maps show Palestinian land and cities illegally (and temporarily) occupied by Jews. The West tends to ignore this Fatah view of the situation, and believe that the Palestinians are interested in a peace deal with Israel. In Palestinian media, such "peace deals" are described as temporary truces, so that Palestinians can build up their strength for the next major assault on Israel. These tactics have been remarkably unsuccessful for decades, but the younger generation of Palestinians buys into it. Hamas is more forthcoming about these goals, and is actually in agreement about the ultimate fate of Israel.


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