Herman’s Weekly Commentary: Cain or More of the Same

For example, Mitt Romney said during the last presidential debate that when he served as governor of Massachusetts, he didn’t inhale. His plan for economic growth and jobs suggests otherwise. It tries to incorporate tax policy, regulatory policy, trade policy, energy policy, labor policy, human capital policy and fiscal policy all in one plan, which makes it complex. Worst yet, his ideas pivot off of the current tax code.

Just like all of the other presidential primary candidates if they have a plan, they swap out one set of tax code loopholes for another set of loopholes. This keeps the lobbyists employed and the tax code growing, but nothing gets solved.

My 9-9-9 economic growth and jobs plan deals with economic growth and jobs. It starts with throwing out the existing tax code. Maybe this is why it fits on two pages instead of Mitt’s 160-page book. My plan can be crafted into legislation that I plan to get Congress to pass in the first 90 days of my administration. Mitt’s plan would require at least several pieces of big legislation, which would take a long time to get passed in Congress due to the complexity alone. 

Our economy is on life support. It can’t afford to keep waiting.

One of my guiding principles is that, if the public understands it, they will support it and demand that Congress pass it. I now realize that I should have also said if they can read it first. I invite all of you to read Mitt’s 160-page book and then get back to me. Or, you can read my two-page plan, which is easy to read and understand.



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