Armor: ASVs For Afghanistan

Armor: ASVs For Afghanistan: Afghan commanders were so impressed with the American M1117 ASVs (Armored Security Vehicles) that the U.S. has agreed to supply over 500 of them to the Afghan Army. These will be used, as American Army M1117s are, mainly for security duties. M1117s are basically scout and patrol vehicles, carrying only four troops. These vehicles can mount either 12.7mm machine-guns or Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launchers in their turrets. The vehicles cost about one million dollars each. One thing about the M1117 that appeals to the Afghans is that the vehicle can withstand hits by RPG rockets. The RPG is the favorite Taliban anti-vehicle weapon. The ASV is also smaller than the MRAPs favored by NATO troops, and more nimble.


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