Simulation Breakthrough

But even with MILES, Infantry training still suffered from the inability to accurately simulate the use of grenades, rocket launchers and artillery. Gradually, however, solutions appeared that provided electronic grenades, rockets and missiles to give the troops a realistic way to train using these weapons. These solutions generally involved using developing grenades, lower velocity 40mm grenades and RPGs that would, when they hit something, set off a loud noise and flash of light, then send an electronic signal that would indicate that troops within a certain range (unblocked by anything that would stop fragments) that they are hit. This is basically an extension to the original MILES (laser tag) gear that troops have been using with rifles and heavier guns for over two decades. The new “electronic projectiles” were still dangerous, even with all the troops wearing helmets, goggles and protective vests. But it's been found that the more realistic the training experience, the more effective the troops are in combat. This means defeating the enemy more quickly, and taking fewer casualties. The new marine gear also makes for more realistic urban warfare training.


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