KOTV Channel 6 in Tulsa Fearmongers

The message I tried to send to Channel 6 (but their site won't take without registering):

Did Tyler Lewis' family know in what context you would use their story?  Have you considered, maybe, doing stories on the things we are doing and accomplishing here rather than trying to destroy the morale of our families?

The nature of our deployment this time is completely different than the past ones.  This is a combat mission rather than running detention facilities or training local troops.  Those missions carried their own hazards, but the price for this one will be different, part of that will be lives lost, but we knew that going in.

The message should be that our training, equipment and skills will and are keeping us alive, better then ever in history, and not in trying to inspire fear in our families.  Fear that we have worked very hard to keep in check. 

A little compassion would seem to be in order.

Here's the link, if you must read it–I am loathe to drive traffic to them: http://www.newson6.com/story/15278402/oklahoma-military-families-worried-after-recent-deaths


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