The Root of All Evil

We all know what that is.  Money.

Turns out though that more pernicious than just plain old greed, is the decay and depravity that sets in when money is free.  When it's just given to someone, for nothing it erodes the soul.  We need look no further than the events in London last week.  And here in our own country too we see it.

And the most evil part of it, is that all of this is borne of the best intentions.  The idea, to look out for those less fortunate, to help the helpless.  But the charity breeds dependence, and while that might also generate votes for the parties seen as giving the most of the most often, it also breeds indolence and that ensure that the helpless remain that way.  Far from being grateful, if this goes on long enough it transforms from something that someone needs to an entitlement–much like a drug or alcohol addiction.  Take it away and the indolent find a new energy that expresses itself as violence.


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