The senior Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee says the biggest reason the United States is seeing its credit downgraded is that it spends too much money being "the military policemen of the world."

What a…I can't say it.

Rep. Barney Frank tells CBS's "The Early Show" that reining in defense spending is "going to be my mantra" for the next few months.

Go for it.

The liberal Massachusetts Democrat says $200 billion could be saved "without in any way endangering our security" by dialing back U.S. military involvement in the world, including operations in Western Europe. Frank says the military establishment has always had this "great momentum" in politics, but says the credit reversal "could change our thinking." Frank calls the military a logical target "if we're looking for something that breaks the mold" on spending.

$200 billion, yeah, maybe.  But, well, let's see the total debt is $14 trillion, so that's like somewhat more than 14 thousandth of 1 percent.  So, what about as just deficit reduction for this year?  That's scored at $1.01 trillion, so… not quite 2 tenths of one percent…  Sorry Senator.  It doesn't add up to anything consequential, and it certainly can't be the scapegoat for the downgrade.

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