The Ministry Of Silly Bans

Islamic terrorist groups have proved to be particularly imaginative at coming up with reasons to kill you. Even if you are Moslem, the Islamic radicals have a growing list of excuses to do you harm. For example, the Somali al Shabaab (an al Qaeda affiliate) recently banned the making and sale of samosa. This is a snack that consists of a triangle shaped pastry filled with minced vegetables, spices and, often, meat. The samosa is fried or baked. Samosa has been around for over a thousand years, and was apparently invented by Moslems somewhere in Central Asia. But al Shabaab decided that the triangular shape somehow represented a Christian symbol, and banned it. Violators can be killed. Al Shabaab has killed people who violate these lifestyle restrictions. During the most recent football (soccer) World Cup games, al Shabaab killed several Somalis who were caught watching a game on TV. Al Shabaab has also banned shaving beards, bras and music.


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