The Luftwaffe And The American Connection

The German Luftwaffe is spending $300 million for the use of the U.S. Air Force Holloman Air Force Base in the next year. For a long time, the Luftwaffe has been sending its fighter pilots to air force bases in the western United States (Holloman is in New Mexico). The Germans pay to use base services (maintenance and other flight support, housing fuel). This year, the Luftwaffe has also ordered 720 500 pound and 135 2000 pound bombs and five high speed target drones. All this is for training Luftwaffe combat pilots.

German troops, mainly pilots and anti-aircraft missile crews, still train in the United States, as they have for over half a century. The reason is lots of space, and less bad weather (which prevents some kinds of training.) Until recently, the bulk of the German training was in Canada, which accounted for about two thirds of the German troops involved in these North American training trips. The training in Canada ended not long after the Cold War did.


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