Mounted Soldier System – PEO SOLDIER LIVE


vimeo DoDLive

This week’s equipment piece of the week is the Mounted Soldier System (MSS), an evolutionary program with identified increments. Increment I provided the Mounted Warrior Helmet-Mounted Display, and Increment II will augment current capabilities under the MSS program. MSS will provide the combat vehicle crew members increased capabilities to conduct offensive and defensive operations.

The MSS consists of a Heads-up Display, Cordless Communications, Microclimate Cooling, and force protection items. These subsystems will provide platform commanders and vehicle crew members increased effectiveness on the network-centric battlefield in areas of command and control, situational awareness, communications, and force protection. MSS also provides improved integration and systems engineering to enhance capability synergy and allow crewmen to better perform their functions in the confined spaces of combat vehicles.

Mounted Soldier System – PEO SOLDIER LIVE


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