‘Chimney’ Deflects IEDs – Defense News


Called the Structural Blast Chimney, or SBC, the technology vents explosive energy up through the vehicle, working like a pressure relief valve. The blast energy traveling through the chimney also creates an enormous downward pressure that keeps the vehicle from flying into the air.

“We call ourselves the anti-NASA sometimes; our job is to keep everybody on the ground,” said George Tunis, Hardwire’s chairman and CEO.

The technology could affect upcoming Army and Marine Corps vehicle programs, including the Humvee recap effort, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle and the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program, according to sources.

For the Humvee effort, AM General, the creator and longtime supplier of Humvees to the military, has teamed up with Hardwire. The chimney technology itself was developed by Hardwire as part of a program with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency 12 months ago.

‘Chimney’ Deflects IEDs – Defense News


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