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For weeks now ser­vice­mem­bers and their fam­i­lies have been con­cerned about the effect a full-blown gov­ern­ment shut­down would have on their monthly pay.  It appears that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) may be able to offer some relief  in the form of new leg­is­la­tion. Known as the ‘Ensur­ing Pay for Our Mil­i­tary Act’ Gohmert’s bill would effec­tively guar­an­tee mil­i­tary pay will con­tinue, in the in the event of a gov­ern­ment shut­down on April 8.

The fol­low­ing is an excerpt from the orig­i­nal press release:

This leg­is­la­tion ensures that mem­bers of the United States Mil­i­tary get their pay­check on time in the event that Con­gress can­not pass a bud­get.

This bill will appro­pri­ate nec­es­sary funds to ensure that mem­bers of the mil­i­tary, includ­ing reserve com­po­nents, con­tinue to receive pay and allowances for their ser­vice when a fund­ing gap occurs. That could be caused by the fail­ure to enact interim or full-year appro­pri­a­tions for the Depart­ment of Defense, which results in many mem­bers serv­ing with­out a pay­check until the shut­down is over. It is not enough for the mil­i­tary to know they will receive back pay after the shut­down is over. They need to know that their pay­check will arrive on time.

This is wel­come news, but this bill must be passed and signed quick enough to ensure ser­vice­mem­bers don’t miss their pay on April 15. One way to help is to con­tact your elected offi­cials and tell them to sup­port Gohmert’s ‘Ensur­ing Pay for Our Mil­i­tary Act.’

New Bill Makes Military Pay Shutdown Proof | Military Advantage Blog |


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