Weapons: Mk19 Gets A Brain


For years, American troops have been complaining about the inadequate sight on the Mk 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher. The brass finally paid attention, and then some. Last year, a new, and very effective mechanical sight was introduced. But the army call for a new Mk19 sight also attracted some even more ambitious efforts. And one of them has resulted in a remarkable electronic sight. Combining a GPS, laser rangefinder and computer, the new Mk19 FCS (Fire Control System) enables gunners to put the first round on the target, at extreme ranges (over 2,000 meters). The FCS can also fire an accurate pattern of 40mm grenades at those same ranges. Moreover, the GPS enables a FCS equipped Mk19 to accurately fire on a target the gunner can’t see. The FCS also has a camera, which can mark targets, out to 5,000 meters, on a photo, which can be then transmitted to other troops or headquarters. The FCS is also very easy to use for anyone with Mk19 experience. You laze the target, and then use the aiming dot in the sight to mark where the rounds will go.

Weapons: Mk19 Gets A Brain


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