As election year approaches, more and more GOP “pragmatists” begin their push to re-elect Obama/protein wisdom


Of course, they think they’re doing something else entirely — Jeb Bush, for instance, thought that by helping Obama in Florida, he was appealing to “moderates” and paving the way for his 2016 presidential run, which I can already tell you from my perspective is dead in the water — but regardless of what they think they’re doing, what they are actually doing is help portray the TEA Party as part of an extremist right wing fringe, particularly inasmuch as it is ruthlessly and directly pushing back against a non-radical Good Man who is simply governing as a typical Democrat does.

But of course, Obama’s failed policies are not necessarily what’s at issue: we know tax and spend doesn’t work, that it never has, and that expanding the federal government has given us nothing but spiraling debt, failing schools, and endless bureaucracy that is killing business and jobs. The problem is, Obama knows this too — and if he didn’t before, he most surely does after two years and a real unemployment rate that, using Bush-era workforce numbers, would resolve to around 11 or 12%. Which leads one to ask, if he knows what he’s doing doesn’t work, why double down in the face of public pushback? Why submit a budget with a $1.6 trillion shortfall after an election fueled by TEA Party complaints of overreaching and overspending? Why repeatedly refuse to allow oil drilling or coal mining? Why use the power of your regulatory agencies to get implemented dictates that you couldn’t get passed into law — and that you know the American people don’t want? Why? To what end?

To continue with the charade that Obama is a garden variety liberal Democrat of some previous vintage who has the best intentions for America simply ignores the evidence — from all that Stanley Kurtz has documented to Obama’s very real attempts to devalue the currency; to take the side of union bosses over struggling tax payers; to “nudge” us all toward green energy and “proper” food intake; to stand back and allow his leftist attack dogs to pin shootings on political rivals and critics; and on and on and on, right down to federal takeovers of industry, crony capitalism and union favoritism, and an end game that leaves Americans with a single payer health care leviathan controlled by the government that most of us simply don’t want (and have made repeatedly clear).

If Obama is a garden-variety liberal Democrat, that’s only because the Democrat party has been overtaken by what was the New Left, who have simply re-branded themselves as Democrats and liberals while governing as “progressives” and socialists.

The federal government is dramatically expanding under Obama; the private sector is shrinking. Obama has made clear his desire to “transform” the nation and a desire to “spread the wealth.” Transform the nation into what, exactly? And to what end?

How many more breadcrumbs must this guy leave before some on the right will wake up and get over their need to show knee-jerk deference to a man who clearly holds the “teabaggers” and “bitter clingers” — that is, the constitutionalists, the classical liberals, the Reagan Democrats, and the fiscal and social conservatives — in utter contempt?

So yes. By all means. Let’s revive that strategy — the one where WE insist Obama is more centrist and pragmatic than he actually is, and where WE move leftward in order to approximate the “centrism” and “pragmatism” WE have bestowed on an Alinsky-ite whose entire political career is owed to Chicago leftwing academics, unrepentant domestic terrorists, and Chicago socialists and professional mau mauers.

Because that worked out so well for Senator McCain.

As election year approaches, more and more GOP “pragmatists” begin their push to re-elect Obama


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