“Wisconsin Leads States in Declaring ObamaCare Dead”


The mainstream media is pretending that those suggesting we’ve entered into a constitutional crisis — the current administration has decided it won’t follow a district judge’s ruling and continues to implement ObamaCare, despite its having been declared unconstitutional — are quaint and rather a bit silly.

They’re wrong.

I understand that the judiciary is supposed to provide a check on the Executive branch, and that in theory, the Executive is not completely bound by a judicial ruling (the problem with giving the courts too much power is that a politicized court leads to a society ruled by deferential philosopher kings, not a true representative democracy). But I haven’t heard the President stand up and say that the court ruling is invalid — and that he therefore refuses to follow it. Because doing so would be open up a huge constitutional debate — and force the administration to make the legal case publicly for ObamaCare’s constitutionality under the Commerce Clause and under the Necessary and Proper Clause. Which would illustrate that Obama lied about the law not being a tax (as they are now arguing in court) — and that he lied about his having previously believed (when running against Hillary Clinton in the Dem primaries) that such mandates are disallowable by law.

Instead, the Administration is simply ignoring the judge’s ruling. And the mainstream press is, yet again, carrying water for the President. That is, they are complicit in what is a kind of overthrow of our civil society and social compact.

Thankfully, at least one state attorney general has taken note, and is doing something about it.

Force the issue, you states who received a de facto injunction. What’s at stake here is not only important — it’s for all the freakin’ marbles.

“Wisconsin Leads States in Declaring ObamaCare Dead”


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