MSNBC SOTU Promo Omits GOP Presidents |


Guess MSNBC missed the part of Pres. Obama’s Tucson speech decrying the way our politics have become “so sharply polarized” . . .
During today’s Morning Joe, MSNBC aired a promo for PBO’s impending State of the Union that featured video from previous SOTU speeches. Notably missing were any clips from past Republican presidents. Instead we were treated to a montage of JFK, LBJ, Clinton, Obama and even Jimmy Carter.  Think Ronald Reagan, or W just a few months after 9-11, might have said something inspirational in their SOTUs?  Not in the mind of MSNBC.

What does it say about the intensity of MSNBC’s partisanship, and its view of its own audience, that it doesn’t dare besmirch its promo for what is meant to be a solemn national moment  with even a fleeting image of an ee-vil Republican? 

This is the MSM equivalent of Kremlinology, in which disfavored figures were erased from the historical record.

MSNBC SOTU Promo Omits GOP Presidents |


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