REPOST: By the way…, redux#comments

Again from Jeff G. at Protein Wisdom

Here’s a recommendation for Mr Press: when he next references the explicit “right to privacy” he seems to think is clearly demarcated in the Constitution and that Republicans, being hickish busybodies, ignore, perhaps he can follow-up in his public, daytime-TV seminars on Constitutional law, by pointing out how such a privacy right secures, say, same-sex marriage and abortion rights, but not purchasing choices, like for instance health care, or incandescent bulbs, or high-flow shower heads, or cigarettes, or salted / fatty / sugar-carbonated / foodstuffs, or bake sale goods, or certain toilets, or soon, cars without backup cameras and cellphone jammers.

Because that’d be like a helpful Cliff’s notes review for those of us who, though we may have read the silly document at some time, clearly haven’t understood it as clearly as have Press and Ms Behar — who understand it so freakin’ well that they realize they can confidently dismiss it as a dead, “living” document.

For the children.

And of course, because if they didn’t, they’d recognize that the entirety of their governing worldview is, per the Constitution, illegitimate.

(thanks to The Blaze for the video; h/t Mark Levin)

By the way…, redux#comments


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