Afghanistan: Behaving Badly And Getting Caught


Eastern Afghanistan is alive with the sound of the Pakistani Taliban dying. Several Islamic terrorist groups across the border in Waziristan are trying to escape the Pakistani Army, CIA missiles and fed-up tribesmen, by fleeing across the border. But these heavily armed refugees find more armed and angry tribesmen, plus Afghan and NATO troops. For an Afghan, this is no way to spend the Winter. It’s too cold to be chased through the snow filled mountain passes. Actually, it’s been a little warmer latterly, staying above freezing. But that’s still cold enough for the heat sensors in NATO aircraft and UAVs to find small groups of men crossing the border. The Pakistani Taliban are moving into an area where the local (Afghan) Taliban are under heavy attack as well. The Winter is the prime hunting season for NATO, which has aircraft, warmer clothing and secure bases to operate from. Lots of Taliban are being arrested, and interrogated. The prisoners tend to speak freely, especially the young guys who are out for the adventure, loot and escape from boredom back at their village. Talking to these foreigners, or the Afghan policeman who doesn’t bother to use violence, is kind of nice too. The information obtained is leading to the death or capture of more of the Taliban leadership. This is costing the Taliban a lot of money, because this border area is supposed to be kept clear of Afghan and foreign troops, so that the drug gangs (who the Taliban work for) can export their heroin. Most of these drugs move through Pakistan, and eastern Afghanistan is the quickest way to Karachi, and the world. The Taliban are supposed to keep the security forces out with roadside bombs and suicide attacks. But that isn’t working, and the bases from which these attacks are made are being found and attacked.

Afghanistan: Behaving Badly And Getting Caught


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