Manisha Sinha: South Carolina’s Secession at 150

From the article:

Long before Tea Party activists and other sundry conservatives detected the ghost of socialism in health care reform and financial regulation legislation, proslavery theorists argued that abolition was akin to socialism. Even though the Lincoln administration would preside over the largest uncompensated confiscation of property in American history, four million slaves valued at around three billion dollars, the Republican party of the Civil War era was as far from socialism as the Obama administration is today.

From a follow up comment by Ms. Sinha

…nearly all the so-called “economic reasons” were connected with preserving slavery permanentl­y. Slavery dominated and defined southern politics and the economy.(B­y the way the south was never punished economical­ly by the north, in fact slave grown cotton dominated the nation’s trade before the Civil War.)
Moreover, Jefferson and Madison’s use of states rights in defense of civil liberties (not state sovereignt­y) and the abolitioni­st evocation of states rights in the 1850s have not rescued that constituti­onal tradition from its complicity in upholding slavery and segregatio­n.

Manisha Sinha: South Carolina’s Secession at 150

First, no one in the 1860’s equated abolition with socialism. Were that a supportable assertion, Ms. Sinha would undoubtedly have provided a quote or two to support it.  That itself, is not the point though.  The bald assertion simply plays to the usual PC ploy.

The ploy is the usual leftist tactic of calling those who oppose them racists.  What we have in this article is simply an adaptation of that tactic in order to “show” that those who believe in state’s rights (actually state sovereignty—states can’t have rights, only people), dual federalism and ordered liberty, are simply speaking in the usual Conservative code, meaning that we are racists.

Ms. Sinha goes yet farther in her comment with the new, similarly bald, assertion, that state sovereignty somehow requires rescue, because once upon a time, it was used to justify slavery.  Another blow from the left’s handy cudgel.

This, of course, is done because we have historically, upon being hit with the label, backed off.  It’s just a way to get us to shut up, or at least to stop defending our views.

This is not necessary though because the truth is on our side here.  The truth is that those who advocate state sovereignty are the true champions of civil, and more importantly natural, rights.  The truth is that the Democrats were the party of slavery and secession in the 1860’s and the party of segregation and statism since.  And statism is just a new, albeit color-blind and maternalistic form of slavery as the ever expanding central government grows in power and further dictates to us the details of our daily lives.


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