Iran: The Great Tragedy

“In a rare victory of Arabs over Iranians, the half century effort to rename the Persian Gulf as the Arab Gulf made significant progress recently when the U.S. Navy officially backed the switch. From now on, all U.S. Navy communications will refer to the waters between Iran and Arabia as the Arab Gulf. Iran is infuriated. For thousands of years, these waters were known as the Persian Gulf (or similar names). The Turks tried to change the name to Gulf of Basra, for the tiny bit of shoreline they controlled when they ran what is now Iraq from the 16th to early 20th centuries. The Turks still call it the Gulf of Basra, but no one else does. But with many Arabs, and now the U.S. Navy, calling it the Arab Gulf, Iranians are enraged. Web pages are being defaced, press conferences held and tears shed over this great tragedy. For most Iranians, this atrocity reminds everyone what America is truly the ‘Great Satan.'”


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