Winning: Karzai Blinks

“The Afghan government blinked, and has allowed most private security companies to keep operating. Earlier this year, president Hamid Karzai ordered all private security companies to shut down operations by the end of the year. This order was seen as an effort to keep foreign monitors away from foreign aid sent to Afghanistan, since it was well known that foreigners working on aid projects would be forced to flee the country if they had to depend only on the Afghan Army and police for security. The presidential ban on private security firms only allowed those guarding diplomats and military installations to remain, and then only after an international outcry. For months, donor nations, especially the United States, have pressured Karzai over the issue. What ultimately changed Karzai’s mind was a growing number of foreign aid operations threatening to shut down, and take their charity somewhere else, if they could not protect themselves from all the bandits, Taliban violence and government officials looking for a handout.”


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