Leadership: The Tribes Are Restless And Very Dangerous

“Pakistan recently announced a change in the how they recruited troops for their 480,000 man army. They want more troops that are Baluchi or Sindi, or non-Moslems, to make the army ethnic composition more like that of the population as a whole. But the real reason may be to reduce the number of Pushtuns in the army. The generals have been increasingly concerned about the loyalty of some Pushtun troops, considering the large number of Pushtuns involved with Islamic radicalism (particularly the Taliban, which is almost entirely Pushtun). The current composition of the army is of Punjabis- 55.8 percent, Pushtuns- 15.4 percent, Baluchi- 2.3 percent, Sindis- 15.1% and those from Pakistan controlled Kashmir and the nearby Gilgit-Baltistan region- 8.5 percent. While three percent of Pakistanis are non-Moslem, only 0.43 percent of the army is.”


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