Electronic Weapons: Crossed Signals

“Recently residents of Bremerton, Washington State (northwest U.S.) were warned they may have problems with wireless electronics (especially garage door openers and keyless care remotes) as the U.S. Navy tests electronic systems on the carrier USS Stennis. The ship has undergone some refurbishment recently at a Bremerton shipyard, and the electronic systems need some testing before the ship puts to sea.
This is not a new problem, which is why the navy put out a warning this time. Six months ago, the U.S. held naval exercises off Hawaii. But first, many of the ships involved tested electronics while docked, before going to sea. That’s when all the reports came in about garage door openers in the area not working. It was interference from the military electronics. But no prior warning was put out. Someone should have known better. Even new civilian broadcasting equipment can be a problem. Late last year, U.S. military personnel and their families in Japan were warned not to use a number of American wireless devices (baby monitors, cordless phones and so on), because they use frequencies too close to those allocated to cell phone service in Japan.”


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