Support: Why The First Mission Is Not A New Experience

“The $20 billion the U.S. has spent to defeat roadside bombs, mines and suicide car bombers has created a lot of unexpected side effect. For example, there is now a huge amount of data on what these weapons have done, who did it and how they did it. In the past, this treasure trove of past experience would gather dust in some warehouse. But because of cheap computers, powerful database software and video games, it’s been possible to turn all that knowledge into custom training exercises for troops and commanders headed overseas, or already there. This collection of databases (and over a million records, some of them video clips) came to be called The Training Brain. These databases are constantly being added to, and depict the recent (last decade) history of these bombs being developed, and countered. This information is used to create training exercises in the form of video games. Troops of all ranks can quickly get into this sort of thing.”


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