Colombia: FARC Is Falling

“Venezuela is spinning out of control. President Hugo Chavez’s efforts to radicalize the country have ruined the economy, and made a lot of Venezuelans angry. The socialist revolution has failed, and Chavez responded with more of what caused the problem in the first place. The government is taking control of more companies, which then tend to fall apart under the control of political appointees. That means fewer jobs, and less to buy. More food has to be imported. What doesn’t have to be imported are radical advisors and terrorist groups, but Chavez has brought these in as well. His radical economic advisors urge more of the nationalizations that are ruining the economy. Allies like Iran have established terrorist bases in Venezuela, from which they are trying to expand in South America. Throughout all this, Venezuela has hung on to its democracy, and that has Chavez on the run. Recent elections took away his control of parliament, and the 2012 presidential elections threaten to remove him entirely. There are fears that Chavez will go from manipulating elections to outlawing them, to retain power.”


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