Information Warfare: South Korea Upgrades It Defenses

“Last year’s attacks were initially believed to have been organized by North Korea. But no conclusive evidence could be found for this. The hijacked PC launched DDOS attacks. These are carried out by first using a computer virus (often delivered as an email attachment or via an infected web site), that installs a secret Trojan horse type program, that allows someone else to take over that computer remotely, and turn it into a ‘zombie’ for spamming or DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks to shut down another site. There are millions of zombie PCs out there, and these can be rented, either form spamming or lunching DDOS attacks. Anyone with about $100,000 in cash, including North Korea, could have carried out the attacks last year that infected all those PCs with orders to make attacks on South Korean and U.S. government sites every July. You can equip a web site to resist, or even brush off, a DDOS attack, and some of those attacked were prepared. But others were not.”


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