Presidential Panel: Freeze Military Pay

Might surprise many, but I favor freezing military pay raises, but I wouldn’t do it across the board. Instead of a freeze for all grades for three years, I’d suggest a 5 year freeze for all senior grades; E-6 and up, O-4 and up, CW4 and up. Continue providing increases to our junior grades.

I’m also not convinced that the push to give the military so much isn’t an effort to make Defense cost too much, so it’s easier to justify other cuts, such as those further below.

“A presidential commission on reducing the deficit has recommended freezing basic military pay and housing allowances for three years starting in 2011, according to a draft report of the commission’s recommendations posted online Wednesday.
“A three-year freeze at 2011 levels for these compensation categories would save the federal government $7.6 billion in compensation and tax expenditures, as well as another $1.6 billion in less retirement accrual, or $9.2 billion total discretionary savings in 2015,” it said.”

Other recommendations:

Slash the Air Force and Navy’s F-35 buy by half and buy F-16s and F/A-18s instead.

Cancel the Marine’s F-35B.

Stop buying more Marine Ospreys.”

Cancel the Marine’s Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle.

Cancel the Navy’s Future Maritime Prepositioning Force.

Cancel the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, the Ground Combat Vehicle, and the Joint Tactical Radio.

Replace military personnel performing commercial activities with civilians.

Most of these are just dangerous. One of the things we’ve got to remember in the search for austeritya nd savings, is that Defense,is one of the three enumerated responsibilities of teh federal government. Let’s cut the extra stuff first.


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