New battalion uncases colors » Headlines » The Norman Transcript

“The 45th Brigade Special Troops Battalion uncased their colors at a ceremony Sunday at the Norman Armed Forced Reserve Center.
The new special troops battalion was activated in September 2008. It is composed of two headquarter companies as well as engineering, intelligence and signal companies. Before coming together, each company was a stand-alone unit.
Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Michael Kennison said combining the companies will help preparations for the unit’s next deployment to Afghanistan.
“As I like to describe it, it has all the neat toys in the toy box,” Kennison said.
The flag unveiled at the ceremony displayed the unit’s coat of arms.”
“The coat of arms includes the Thunderbird, which signifies the warrior spirit of the battalion.

The colors red and yellow reflect its Spanish heritage. The musket represents the infantry branch the battalion supports.
A key on the coat of arms stands for the military intelligence company.
The castle of the engineer corps is symbolized by the chevron, and the lightning bolt represents the signal company. All of this is topped by the crest of the Oklahoma National Guard, an Indian head with a war bonnet.
“Commanders and soldiers come and go, but the colors remain steadfast,” 2nd Lt. Donald Wilson said after the flag was unveiled. “


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