Air Transportation: MV-22s Go Looking For A Fight

“The U.S. Marine Corps are becoming more aggressive in the use of the ten MV-22 tilt rotor transports they have in Afghanistan. Four months ago, they flew them in from an amphibious assault ship off the coast of Pakistan. Another two MV-22s are being sent, because the marines have found the MV-22 useful in combat operations. For example, the MV-22s can move twice as fast as helicopters, and that enables them to be more effective in getting quick reaction forces into position to cut off and capture fleeing Taliban. Some MV-22 have come under fire, but none have been hit, yet.
MV-22 first went to a combat zone in late 2007, when they were sent to Iraq. The high speed and altitude (about 9,000 feet), kept the aircraft out range of enemy weapons. Helicopters fly lower and slower. To do otherwise would further reduce the range of a helicopter.”


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