Army Picks New Camo for Afghanistan Units

“Today the Army announced that this summer it will begin fielding uniforms with a new camouflage pattern to all its troops serving in Afghanistan.
According to a statement obtained by, Army Secretary John McHugh decided that the so-called ‘MultiCam’ pattern developed by New York-based Crye Precision is the most effective camouflage in the varied terrain of Afghanistan’s forests, deserts, mountains and rural villages.
‘This decision … reflects the Army’s commitment to giving Soldiers in Afghanistan the most effective concealment possible,’ the statement said. ‘Camouflage alternatives represent one facet of the Army’s ongoing efforts to improve the Army Combat Uniform.'”


One thought on “Army Picks New Camo for Afghanistan Units”

  1. ALCON, I can hear the arguments already since the Army Times published an article on the new uniforms 2 days ago. Let me tell you with first hand information that the MultiCam uniform (aka Crye) is a vast improvement over the ACUs and well worth every penny that DOD is putting into the program. I'm a huge fan of the ACUs compared to the BDUs, but MultiCam provides a significant improvement over the ACUs. A surprising large amount of Southern Afghanistan (especially in the HRV) has vegetated areas and the Multicam offers far superior camoflague. To highlight the point, when Soldiers wearing ACUs and MultiCams were spotted from aviation elements in the air I had heard time and time again that the Soldiers wearing ACUs almost glowed and the pilots could barely see the Soldiers wearing the MultiCams. I also believe that the MultiCams fit much better, have much more durable pants and have a top shirt which has durable sleeves yet a very breathable T-Shirt center top. It's about as good as it's gets for wearing body armor when it's 104 degrees on a cool day. Once again, the MultiCam is phenomenal in all regards and I applaud the DOD officials who fought for the new uniform and found the money in an increasingly tight budget to fund this uniform.

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