Distinctive Unit Insignia

Regiments and Separate Battalions in the US Army are authorized a Distinctive Unit Insignia. The 45th Brigade Special Troops Battalion is a brand new Separate Battalion and the leadership have been accepting submissions for DUI designs. It appears that they’ve settled on a design I submitted. There are some variations and perhaps some tweeking of the elements, but in broad strokes, the illustration here is probably very close to what our DUI will be.

The shield with feathers is Osage and is borrowed from the Oklahoma state flag. The battlement represents the Engineer company, the crossed key and lightning bolt represent the Military Intelligence and Signal companies and are positioned to allude to the crossed rifles of the Infantry. The sword, a symbol of authority. represents Headquarters company and the Thunderbird harkens to the Brigade that the Battalion supports.

Red, orange, and oriental blue are the colors of the Engineer, Signal and MI branches respectively. The shield’s field is silver and the thunderbird and sword are yellow (gold).

NOTE: The Motto presented here means Vanquishing Danger. It’s not at all certain that that will be the Battalion Motto. There have been lots of good suggestions and no decision on that point have been made.


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