Well. I lose my voice occassionally.

No blogging for quite some time. Maybe someone has noticed.

I’ve never received much feedback, so after a while this starts to feel like talking to myself.

Anyway, the elections are almost upon us. I’ve joined a new unit; did not go to Texas, but still with the OK Guard. The walls feel a little like they are closing in at work, but there is a possibility I can go on orders for the Guard while the Brigade is deployed.

The new unit: C Co. 45th Brigade Special Troops Battalion. It’s a Signal company and I’m currently acting Platoon Sergeant for a Company that is presently the size of a large fireteam. I’m often acting First Sergeant, because our usual acting 1SG is often at schools.

We’ve had trouble coming up with a Company motto. The Battalion motto is “All In.” It’s a poker reference and I don’t like it much, but they didn’t ask me. Anyway, I think we may be coming to a consensus on “Troubleshooters” for the Company. I did up a graphic for it in keeping with the gambling theme of the Battalion motto.

I can make a stencil of this for our vehicles when we finally get to draw them. See, the dice show 4 and 5 for 45th. Aren’t I clever?

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