Project Valour-IT

This post will remain at the top until 12 November. New posts below.

It’s the annual Soldiers’ Angels fund raiser to purchase voice activated laptops for wounded soldiers who are unable to use a keyboard or mouse. There are few worthier causes, folks.

As usual we’ve set up service oriented teams to compete to raise the most money between now and Memorial Day. Click the widget above to give. Click the title of this post to choose a team and help raise money.

Click here to visit the Army Team Leader’s (Blackfive) site.

UPDATE: Army is leading the way! But the Marines are less than $600 behind us.

UPDATE 2: With 2 full days remaining, Army has stretched it’s lead over the Marines by over $4000!


Soldiers’ Angels is offering the following gift to donors who give more than $25 to Valour-IT through the team competition. Donors must use a team button (like the ARMY one above–any will do, but that ARMY one is right there) to receive a coin.

This military-style challenge coin is available marked for each of the team service branches (Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine). Donors will automatically receive the coin appropriate to their team donation.

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