4 – 10 NOV — This Week in Terror History

Why We Fight!– People forget too easily. People also don’t seem to recognize how long this has been going on and how pervasive it has been.

4 November1979 — Iran, Iranian radicals seize the US Embassy in Tehran, taking sixty-six American diplomats hostage. The crisis continues until 20 January 1981 when the hostages are released by diplomatic means. A US rescue effort led by the Delta Force counter terrorist unit failed on 25 April 1980 when a Marine Corps CH-53 helicopter crashed into a USAF C-130 transport aircraft at forward refueling site in central Iran, killing eight Americans and injuring five.
1983 — Lebanon, Twenty eight Israeli soldiers, along with thirty Palestinian and Lebanese civilians are killed in another suicide truck bomb attack on the Israeli military headquarters in Tyre, in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah

5 November1990 — United States, Assassination of Meir Kahane head of Israel’s Koch party and founder of the American vigilante group the Jewish Defense League in a Manhattan,New York hotel lobby by early elements of Al Queda. al Qaeda
2001 — Israel, Two Israeli girls shot and 2 others killed at bus stop by Palestinian militants in Northern Israel. Despite the killings, Israel finished its pullout of West Bank. al Fatah

6 November1985 — Colombia, Palace of Justice in Bogota, Colombia, seized by left wing M-19 terrorists and one hundred hostages taken, including a number of judges. All the terrorists and most of the hostages killed when the Colombian army stormed the building. M-19
1998 — Israel, A blast in an outdoor market in central Jerusalem left two suspected suicide bombers dead and at least 20 people injured. Hezbollah
2003 — Saudi Arabia, 2 terrorists surrounded by the police in Riyadh blow themselves up. al Qaeda

7 November

1983 — United States, U.S. Senate bombing. A time bomb consisting of several sticks of dynamite explodes at the United States Senate in response to the U.S. invasion of Grenada. No one was injured, a group known as the Armed Resistance Unit claims responsibility. Armed Resistance Unit
1999 — Greece, In Athens, Greece, a bomb exploded outside a Levi’s jeans store. This was the 5th recent attack and was thought to be linked to an upcoming Nov 13 visit by Pres. Clinton.
1999 — Israel, 3 pipe bombs exploded and 33 people were wounded on the eve of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. Hamas
2001 — Colombia, FARC rebels kidnapped Mireya Mejia Araujo, a local peace counselor, and demanded $217,000 in ransom. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia

8 November1987 — Northern Ireland, An Irish Republican Army bombs kills eleven civilians and injures sixty others during the Enniskillen Rememberance Sunday ceremony in Northern Ireland. Irish Republican Army
1987 — United Kingdom, The Remembrance Day Bombing in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. 11 killed by a Provisional IRA bomb which went off during Remembrance Sunday commemorations. Provisional Irish Republican Army
1993 — Iran, Two handgrenades were thrown into the courtyard of the French embassy in Tehran, causing no casualties and little damage. On the same day, a French citizen was injured when a handgrenade was thrown into the Tehran offices of Air France. A group called the Hizballah Committee claimed responsibility for both attacks, saying they were carried out to protest the French government’s support for the Mujahedin-E-Khalq.
1995 — Egypt, Islamic extremists opened fire on a train enroute to Cairo from Aswan, injuring a Dutchman, a French woman, and an Egyptian. Al-Gama’at al- Islamiyya (Islamic Group or IG) claimed responsibility for the attack. al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya (Egyptian Islamic Jihad)
1998 — Angola, In Lunde Norte Province at least 50 armed assailants attacked a Canadian-owned diamond mine, killing one Portuguese national, two Britons, three Angolans, and wounding 18 others. The assailants also took four workers hostage, including one South African, one Briton, and two Filipinos. Angolan officials blame the attack on UNITA. The secretary general of UNITA claimed responsibility for the attack but denied taking hostages. National Union for the Total Undependence of Angola
1999 — Nigeria, The US Embassy reported that 14 youths armed with machetes boarded a Belize-owned vessel near Escravos, in Delta State, and kidnapped one US citizen and one Nigerian national. The youths released the hostages unharmed on 12 November. No ransom was paid.
2003 — Saudi Arabia, A truck bomb explodes at an Arab housing compound in Riyadh, killing 17 and injuring 120. al Qaeda

9 November1995 — Algeria, Unidentified assailants set fire to the off-compound US Embassy warehouse in Algiers, destroying the facility and its contents. The Armed Islamic Group (GIA) may be responsible for the attack. Armed Islamic Group
2005 — Jordan, a series of coordinated bomb attacks on three hotels in Amman, Jordan on November 9, 2005. Al-Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for the attacks which killed 60 people and injured 115 others. The explosions, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, the Radisson SAS Hotel, and the Days Inn, started at around 20:50 local time (18:50 UTC) at the Grand Hyatt. al Qaeda

10 November1985 — Germany, Senior government official Gerold von Braunmuhl, shot at his home in Bonn, Germany, by Red Army Faction terrorists. Red Army Faction
1995 — Switzerland, Unknown assailants firebombed a Turkish-owned shop in Basel, injuring three persons and causing major damage. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.
1999 — Colombia, A representative for the International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) reported FARC militants kidnapped a British national working for the ICRC. On 14 November the rebels released the hostage unharmed following a meeting between FARC and ICRC officials. No ransom was paid. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
2004 — Saudi Arabia, Government announces the interception of 44,000 rounds of ammunition being smuggled in from Yemen. One Saudi waiting for the shipment is arrested.

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