16 – 22 SEP — This Week in Terror History

Why We Fight!– People forget too easily. People also don’t seem to recognize how long this has been going on and how pervasive it has been.

16 September1989– Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, A bomb explodes on a bus bound from Tbilisi to Baku, USSR when it passes near Yevlakh, Azerbaijan, killing 5 and wounding 27.
1997– Georgia, Three men carrying AK-47s kidnapped one Egyptian and one Jordanian UNOMIG military observer and their local interpreter near the Georgian side of the Injuri River. The kidnappers released the Egyptian, demanding $50,000 for the release of the Jordanian. The kidnappers released the second observer after the United Nations paid them $7,000.
1999– Russia, A bomb shears off the front of a nine-story apartment building in the city of Volgodonsk, about 500 miles south of Moscow.
2000– Philippines, The government troops launches military assault against ASG in Jolo. Two kidnapped French journalists escape during the fighting. Abu Sayyaf Group
2006– Thailand, The 2006 Hat Yai bombings took place in Hat Yai, Songkhla Province, Thailand on September 16, 2006 and are believed to be part of the on-going South Thailand insurgency. At least four people were killed and 82 were injured.

17 September1948– Jerusalem, United Nations mediator in Palestine, Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, murdered by Jewish Stern gang extremist in Jerusalem, Palestine, who fired at point blank range through window of his official car. Stern Gang
1971– United States, The New York State Correctiosn Department office int eh Twin Towers building in Albany, New York was bombed by Weather Underground to ptotest the deaths of priosnes in the Attica priosn riots. Weather Underground
1986– France, A ten month series of bomb attacks in France attributed to Lebanese and Armenian terrorists begins. One bomb in Paris kills five and injures 52. Fouad Ali Saleh group.
1999– India, According to press reports, an unidentified militant threw a handgrenade at an army patrol near a bus station in Shopian, injuring two soldiers and 24 other persons. Muslim militants were suspected. Lashkar-I-Taiba
1999– India, Local authorities reported that Muslim militants shot and killed a politician in Baramulla.
2000– Guinea, Unidentified rebels attacked and killed a Togolese United Nations refugee agency employee in Macenta, according to press accounts. The rebels also kidnapped an Ivorian secretary. No one claimed responsibility.
2000– Colombia, At least 19 soldiers and seven Marxist rebels have died in the latest round of fighting for control over one of Colombia’s key arms and drug-smuggling routes. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
2000– Colombia, Suspected Marxist rebels kidnapped at least 30 people Sunday after erecting makeshift roadblocks along a major highway outside Colombia’s second-largest city.
2000– Philippines, Four civilians have been killed in fighting in the southern Philippines, where a military assault on Muslim rebels holding 19 hostages.
2005– Bangladesh, Around 500 bomb explosions occurred at 300 locations in 63 out of the 64 districts of Bangladesh. The bombs were exploded within a half hour period starting from 11:30 am. A terrorist organization, Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) claimed responsibility for the bombings. The group, led by Shaykh Abdur Rahman and the elusive Siddiqur Rahman (also known as Bangla Bhai), is alleged to be affiliated with Al Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist organizations. Another terrorist group, titled Harkat-Ul Jihad al Islami was also associated with JMB in executing the co-ordinated attack. Following the blast, both groups were banned by the Government of Bangladesh. The explosion killed 2 people (a child in Savar, near Dhaka, and a Rickshaw-puller in Chapai Nawabganj District). Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh

18 September1982– Belgium, Four people are wounded when a synagogue in Brussels is attacked in a “shoot and run” incident. Guards were taken by surprise and the gunman, believed to be from the Abu Nidal Organization, escaped. Abu Nidal Organization
1997– Egypt, Gunmen attacked a tourist bus in front of the Egyptian National Antiquities Museum in Tahrir Square, Cairo, killing nine German tourists and their Egyptian busdriver, and wounding eight others.
1998– Algeria, A bomb ripped through a market in northern Algeria.
1998– Colombia, Pumping operations on Colombia’s Cano Limon-Covenas oil pipeline have been suspended following a fresh bomb attack by suspected leftist guerrillas. National Liberation Army
1999– Corsica, Six bombs exploded around Corsica, at five government buildings and a farm, turning up tension on the French Mediterranean island. Corsican nationalists
1999– Sri Lanka, Forty-six Sinhalese villagers were hacked to death with machetes and knives in an attack in Gonegalle village in Amapara district, some 200km north of Colombo. Red Cross workers said that four others were killed in two nearby villages. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
2000– Ireland, Four people were hurt, one seriously, when a van was blown up in the latest in a series of attacks fuelling tension in the coastal town of Bangor, Northern Ireland. Ulster Volunteer Force
2000– Sri Lanka, A bomb explosion at a police checkpoint killed at least three policemen and wounded another six near the town of Kalmunai. The explosion occurred when police stopped a van to search it. The LTTE was presumed responsible. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
2001– United States, Envelopes containing anthrax are sent to NBC News in New York and the New York Post. Both are mailed from Trenton, N.J.
2006– Somalia, A suicide car bomber smashed his vehicle into the President’s convoy outside the National Parliament, killing four of the President’s bodyguards and his brother. Six attackers were also killed in the subsequent gun battle. The President’s life was most likely saved by the fact that he travelled in the second vehicle in the convoy rather than the front one, a decoy. al Qaeda
2006– Sri Lanka, An LTTE suicide bomber rams a truck packed with explosives into convoy carrying unarmed Sri Lankan Navy personal going on leave, killing at least 92 sailors. Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

19 September1972– United Kingdom, Member of the Israeli embassy staff in London, England, killed by Palestinian letter bomb. Palestine Liberation Organization
1989– Nigeria, One hundred and seventy people killed when French UTA airliner explodes in mid-air over Niger. The French government issued warrants for the arrest of four Libyans. Lybian Intelligence
1994– Greece, November 17 terrorists explode bomb on bus in Greece, killing one policeman and injuring thirteen others. 17 November

20 September1984– Lebanon, Suicide bomb attack on US Embassy in East Beirut kills twenty three people and injures twenty one others. The US and British ambassadors were slightly injured in the explosion which was attributed to the Iranian backed Hezbollah group. Hezbollah
1993– Algeria, One Moroccan and two French surveyors were kidnapped by terrorists as they drove between Oran and Sidi Bel Abbes. The Morrocan citizen was released unharmed, but the two Frenchmen were later found murdered.
1995– Austria, In Vienna, assailants attempted to firebomb a German pharmaceutical firm, but the molotov cocktails failed to ignite. The German firm was hosting a US delegation and had raised the US flag outside the building.
1999– India, Unidentified militants shot and killed a National Conference party member in his home, according to press reports. Muslim militants were suspected.

21 September1976– United States, Chilean exile Orlando Letelier murdered in car bomb in the centre of Washington DC, United States, by Chilean secret service agents. Chilean Intelligence
1995– Austria, Assailants threw lit bottles containing heating oil and paint thinner into two rooms of the American International School in Vienna. There were no injuries. The Austrian press later received a letter in which the Cell for Internationalism claimed responsibility. Authorities believe there may be a connection with the previous day’s bombing.
1998– Georgia, Unidentified assailants opened fire on a bus in Sukhumi, wounding three UN military observers and one other UN mission employee, according to UN officials. The injured include two Bangladeshis and one Nigerian.
2000– Algeria, More than 20 people reportedly have been killed in Algeria in the past three days, including children, soldiers and Islamic militants.
2000– Spain, Jose Luis Ruiz Casado, a town councilor of the ruling Popular Party was shot to death outside Barcelona. Basque Fatherland and Liberty
2000– Russia, Three masked men brandishing firearms and grenades took four people hostage in a southern Russian resort town, demanding a $30 million ransom and the freeing of all Chechens from jail. Chechnyan Seperatists
2000– United Kingdom, British police combed an area of central London after the MI6 spy headquarters was hit by a small missile believed to have been fired from a rocket launcher. Irish Republican Army

22 September1966– Canada, A bazooka attack on the Cuban embassy in Ottawa is made
1989– United Kingdom, Deal Barracks, England attack by Irish Republican Army and eleven Royal Marines bandsmen killed. Irish Republican Army
1997– Jordan, Unknown assailants shot and wounded two Israeli security personnel as they sat in a parked vehicle outside an apartment building housing an Israeli Embassy family in Amman. The Jordanian Islamic Resistance claimed responsibility for the attack. The group demanded the release of a Jordanian soldier serving a life sentence for killing seven Israeli schoolchildren and threatened further attacks if Israeli diplomatic personnel did not leave within a month. Jordanian Islamic Resistance
1998– Colombia, Suspected FARC members kidnapped a Japanese businessman from his farm in Bogota. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia
1998– India, Police and doctors reported that unidentified gunmen shot and wounded a French tourist near the Jama Masjid mosque in Srinagar. Witnesses said that two assailants fired at the victim. Muslim guerrillas are suspected.
2000– Colombia, Suspected right-wing paramilitary gunmen killed at least 13 people, and possibly up to 33, in twin attacks in two of Colombia’s northern provinces.


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